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Welcome to Brio Italian Restaurant

The dictionary says...
"liveliness, vivacity,"... "mettle, fire, life,...".

Probably entered Eng. via musical instruction 'con brio' (play with spirit, vigorously)'.
We say... "At last! An Italian restaurant run by Italians..."

Brio Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria offers the very best in popular Italian dishes as well as house specialties and locally caught fresh fish.

The atmosphere is for friends, families, parties, colleagues and couples. We can accommodate from a quiet table for one to parties of up to 75 people. Live jazz music every other Wednesday evening.

Both our restaurants are open and keep to see you back. We are following government social distancing guidelines as directed.

Whatever you're looking for in a restaurant, if it's Italian, it's Brio...

Looking for a Pizza Delivery service. We now have Brio Express on Broadwater St West, in Worthing. (here)

We're back

Our restaurants in Worthing and Shoreham are fully operational and keen to see you back around a table.

Call to book:

Worthing: tel:01903211511
Shoreham: tel:01273446445

Open - noon til 11pm
7 days a week - 363 days a year

Call our takeaway in Broadwater - BrioExpress: tel:01903218418

Introducing our all new Kids Menu... when a selection off our main menu is just too much for them...

Kids Menu just £5.95


Small Pizza Margherita
Meat Balls with chips
Small Pizza Salamino
Fish Fingers with chips
Spaghetti Bolognese
Chicken Nuggets (Made with breast of chicken) with chips
Spaghetti Carbonara


A spoon of ice cream

Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry

Just £5.95
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